How is mabox different from manjaro ob?

I am currently a manjaro openbox user. Would there be an advantage for me to use mabox instead?

Why was mabox created?

Thanks in advance

No idea, but you could try Mabox - for example in Virtualbox - and judge for yourself :slight_smile:
Manjaro Openbox Community Edition is a very solid release - at least that was the last time I tried it.

When Mabox was created, there was no Manjaro edition with Openbox.
The first edition of Mabox was just an Openbox configured the way I like and use on a daily basis.

Which one is better?

Objectively, it’s hard to say, it certainly depends on personal preferences.

I personally think both are good :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the response.

I have been trying out Manjaro Openbox also. Although it would be basically the same as Mabox, my feel about Mabox is that it’s a bit more snappy. Not that it can be measured I think, it’s more a feeling.
The experience out of the box with Mabox does more for me than the experience I get in the Manjaro community version. It’s indeed a matter of taste…

The differences are big when we look at the default components installed.


  • default shell: bash
  • terminal: terminator
  • file manager: PCManFM
  • menu: jgmenu based mainmenu and sidepanels
  • panel: tint2

Manjaro OB Community:
(if I remember correctly - not 100% sure)

  • default shell: zsh
  • terminal: termite
  • file manager: Thunar
  • menu: obmenu-generator (?)
  • panel: polybar and tint2
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Hi Napcok,

I meant more the base beneath, that’s Arch, it’s the same. And the way menu’s are created, or what filemanager you use (I used Thunar for a while on your distro) I do not see earth-moving differences :thinking: :blush:
I’m however a Manjaro fan (also openSuse leap to name a very different distro) for the completeness of it. I really love Mabox for the choosen look & feel and used tools.

I’m not rating them in terms of which one is better, same like you already described, choose the one that suits you the most

I’m not rating them also, I just writed some differencies.

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In the latest iso of Manjaro OB there is no networkmanager. I found no other iso, so Iinstalled the latest community build and had always to connect manually to my wifi (was not able to do it automatic / my laptop has no cable internet plug ).

Mabox linux iso has the networkmanager properly installed and for me looks neater.

Just my thouhgts (or did I do something wrong with Manjaro OB)