High CPU Usage during youtube playback on Mabox Linux Linux Kernel 5.15

Hi. I recently encountered a problem while playing a Youtube video. Suddenly CPU usage is very high up to 99% even 100%. Until the laptop freezes forcing me to force shut down. I finally tried to downgrade to Linux kernel 5.4 it seems CPU usage is normal when Youtube video playback. And problem solved.
Here are the Specifications:
Model: Toshiba Satellite L645
Processor: Intel Core I3 350M
RAM 2GB DDR3 PC3-8500s
Storage: 320 GB HDD Speed: 5400 RPM


Thanks for sharing… yes our developer @napcok recommends to download Mabox 5.4 LTS for systems with low hardware resources or older systems in your case is lower hardware resources using 2GB RAM memory and probably if you increase this RAM memory hardware…it will work better and smoothly


Yes. I’ve also checked on the kernel.org website that the linux 5.4 kernel is still supported. I don’t know how long the linux 5.4 kernel will end of support.

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Linux 5.4 LTS will be supported to Dec, 2025 - thats 2 years longer than 5.15 - EOL in Oct, 2023

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