Hi there

Hi, I’m napcok from Poland, Linux desktop enthusiast since 1998/99.
Sysadmin at work.
On desktop Mandrake/Mandriva/Mageia and then 5 years Manjaro user.

I like Openbox :slight_smile:


Hi Team, braciszekodd from Poland. I am using Linux as a hobby since 2005 (many distros), but I am not connected with IT branch. Now I’m happy with Mabox.


ola o/ Hi there


Hi @napcok. I am in the United States. I have been using Linux for about the same years as you. I started on Red Hat 5. What did you start out with?

Hi Mabox user.
I also come from Poland. I started my adventure with Madrive, Ubuntu. Then I encountered the Manajro and met a napcok, which showed me its distribution.
To this day, I think openbox is the best window manager.

For me, the first was also RedHat Linux version 5.1 or 5.2. Installed from a CD from some Polish Linux magazine. Those were days / months of great excitement and slow learning of Linux basics :slight_smile:

Wow that sounds so similar to me lol. In 1999 I bought a book “Teach Yourself Linux in 24 Hours” by Bill Ball and it included Red Hat 5.1 cd in the back of the book.

Also ran Redhat 5.2 with kde 1.1 lol in those times. Hola a tod@s, I am a Spanish and English speaker from Latin America, Chile. I have also been a Manjaro user for 5 years …and I am giving your amazing distro a kinda Spanish look & feel for the menu at this moment… Thanks for this MaboxLinux distro :slight_smile: