Hi from Indonesia

Mabox cures my distrohopping :grin:

I was a long time debian-based distro user until I understood the power of AUR a few years back. I’ve tried some other Arch-based distros and stayed with Manjaro for a while. For me the most suitable DE/WM is either LXQT or Openbox. Both serve a balance among simplicity, customization, and functionality. I never really clicked with my Manjaro-Openbox or LXQT setup. Then Mabox came in.

The default configuration is really impressive (especially the jgmenu set and pseudo-tiling mode). I think Mabox is suitable for both users who want an easy-to-use, out-of-the-box experience and those who still crave for customization.

Lightweight, functional, and user-friendly. Those are what I think Mabox is.


Hi there and welcome to the Mabox Fans club… yes I aslo share with you that Mabox has a strong appeal to 2 different type of Openbox users these days. Best wishes from Chile :smile:


Welcome! Same here. I think it’s the best Openbox DE right now.
However I still installed and use the LXQt applications like Featherpad and PCManFM-Qt. If you do so, make sure to keep qt5-stylesplugin package up to date :wink:. It’s installed from the AUR.


Hi I’m also from Indonesia. I ventured to try Linux in 2021. Initially the distro that I studied at that time was based on Ubuntu (Zorin OS, Linux Mint, etc.) dual boot with Windows 10. In mid 2021 I had a problem, the laptop became a BSOD. (Allegedly due to malware). and I decided to single boot Linux only. At the end of 2021, to be precise, around December 2021, I started trying distributions based on Arch Linux (Archcraft, Arcolinux, Manjaro, EndeavorOS). Just last night I tried to install Mabox Linux. The interface is very intuitive and not too difficult. In fact, I’ve been adapting for about a day.


Welcome Reno-Sifana… Quite glad to know you became a Linux user as your one daily drive. I am from Chile in South America and support some translation & visual and manjaro support whenever I can. I hope you enjoy Maboxlinux as much as we do. Keep in touch & my best wishes to you and your beloved. Have fun with Mabox. :smile:

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