Help with rc.xml & other thingz (solved)

My computer went bonkers.

  1. The rc.xml file has an error at 998 and i can’t see whats wrong with it

  2. The rc.xml file had tons of keybindings saved to 1 key (ei: l would lock the screen and m would open an rc file for a menu) *i fixed this after some hard work.

  3. My right click event on desktop does nothing. It SHOULD open the main menu.

  4. I cant snap my windows with keystrokes (ei W-:arrow_left: to take up left half of the screen)

Have i ruined everything?

The line reported in the error message in not necessarily the line in which the error occurred. The reported line is usually the end of the section were the error can be found, in your case most probably the keybinds section.

To try and locate the error you could try commenting out sections of the code to narrow the search.

comments are effected using <!-- and -->

    <!--     <keybind key="W-A-plus">
      <action name="Execute"><command>kmag</command>&gt;
    <keybind key="W-KP_Insert">
      <action name="ToggleMaximizeHorz"/>
    </keybind> -->

The above code lines would be bypassed.

There is a copy of the original file in /etc/xdg/rc.xml you could use if all else fails but you would lose all of you modifications.


I’ll give that a go when i get back to my computer!

I still could not find the problem. And the original rc.Xml file was not where you said. So i did the only logical thing and did a fresh reinstall. So, fixed i guess.

My typo, the backup file is /etc/xdg/openbox/rc.xml, sorry for the confusion.
Glad you’re back up and running.


Too late… but Mabox has a script that can be helpful in this type of situations - it’s called mb-reset

mb-reset script - Mabox Linux Manual

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Well, now i know! Thanks !

I actually tried this and it didn’t do anything. Which was very strange. Also part of the reason i did a fresh install.