Help to customize the menus, please?

Ok, I’m not sure if this thread belongs here. If it doesn’t, I apologize. Please feel free to move it. :slight_smile:
So I’ve been working on customizing mabox, and while different, I managed so far. But when it comes to the menus, I’m hitting a major roadblock.
In all Openbox based distros I used before, the menu can be found in /.config/openbox/ , and it’s very straightforward, very easy to customize. But not on mabox.
Can anybody tell me where I can find it, and how to go about customizing it? Is there a tutorial I can follow?

Thank you all in advance. :slight_smile:

This might be worth to read:

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Thank you, I’ll take a look at it tonight. :sunglasses:

Ok, I’ve been able to edit the favorites, but the “below apps” are driving me crazy. Using the “Mabox Control Center” doesn’t help. Clicking on “Edit Below Apps” only shows me a file on Geany (mainmenu_below_apps.csv) which only has 2 lines of code, both commented out (and one is actually a separator).
So, what am I missing? I gotta say customizing Crunchbang was a lot easier than this…

Currently bottom of mainmenu is hardcoded.

That’s not good…
Thank you for the reply. :slight_smile:

You can try to copy mb-jgtools to ~/bin/ and edit there. Function main.

cp /usr/bin/mb-jgtools ~/bin/

Thank you napcok, but that’s WAAAAYYYY above my head. :blush:

I’ll figure something out…

Probably what you need is to comment out lines - just place # as first character in lines:
181 to 188
214 to 221
Something like that:


Then just edit “below apps” and add commands you like.

I’ll try it. Thanks again. :slight_smile: