Help - no https connection

Hello, sorry for my poor English and my poor Linux. I install mabox 20 and i have to problem i solve :

  • the /usr/lib/p11-kit-trust-so file witch already exist… I remove it in admin mode
  • an https compress file not find. I select the line and install if from intenet.

No problem else. Mabox work well. 4 orphelins files i delete.
All is quiet good but if i have internet to download programs, when i open firefox, no page arrive. I install chromium (so no internet problem) but idem with a little difference, it says me that https protocol is not respected and all i can have is mabox page in not secure mode. Google for example doesn’t want to charge becaause of that.

So i reboot in usb key to write you.
Thanks for help. I’m in New Caledonia, don’t wait me before 8 hours. ah ah ah. I’m now tired. Tomorrow.

Hello @coudenhov,
If you deleted the /usr/lib/ file manually, I’m afraid the system is broken.
Try reinstalling the nss package:

sudo pacman -S nss

If this does not help, unfortunately, probably the only solution will be reinstalling the system.
And then perform the update with the command:

sudo pacman -Syu --overwrite /usr/lib\*/
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Ho @napcok you are a champion. I have to say too that mabox is… but now it’s cool. In fact, because of the first problem, i install in a second partition a new mabox yesterday to try an other way. Same problem so i wait your response.
Very good s o. For the second i try the second line direct and all is good.
For the first version, i use your first try and it’s good too. I can connect https.
Do you remerber i kill orphans and stranger and i try to recover them with the second line you give but mabox says : update is good.
I make a photo of the orphans and stranger in the second mabox. Please an other marvelous line to install them.
Really thanks.
Laurent de Coudenhove

And a line to a manuel to explore linux langage ? If you have. But i think i can do md cd rd format (dos) but many years to have your known.