Help adding new icon pack? (Solved)

i am trying to download and use this icon pack, Shadow -
i cant seem to figure out how to make it work. any direction would help

You need to download the file shadow-kde-04-2018.tar and unpack it. You need to move the unzipped directory ( shadow ) to the .icons folder and it should work.


@Imnewhere ,
Should you wish to vary colors and shapes (in a limited way):

yay -S shadow-icon-theme-git
cd /usr/share/icons/Shadow

i.e. You may face some weird icon if you choose
MATE when you don’t have MATE icon or MINT installed!
Choose your desktop environments
1: Cinnamon
2: Gnome-3 [default]
3: Mate
4: Pantheon
5: Unity
6: KDE
Enter 1/2/3 etc to choose your de:6
You have chosen KDE Desktop Environment
Now choose your favourite color scheme
1: Emerald
2: Garnet
3: Ruby
4: Sapphire [Default]
5: Torquiose
Enter 1/2/3 etc to choose your color scheme:9
SQUARE scheme will be applied
Application button as distribution logo
1: Arch
2: Elementary
3: Fedora [Default]
4: Mint
5: Suse
6: Slack
7: Ubuntu
8: Adwaita
Enter 1/2/3 etc to change application button1

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Thanks fellow maboxians! I’ll mess around with colors And stuff today!

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