Hello Mabox

Hi. I found Mabox listed on the Distrowatch waiting list, and after reading through the Mabox home page, I decided to give it a try. I Like it alot!

I have some questions that I will be posting in the appropriate forum threads.

It runs great on my laptop. I hope this distro will be around for a long time. :grinning:



Hi LiquidSky,

Thanks for starting this topic as I was about to make a similar one. Honestly I found out about Mabox while doing the dishes lol. I needed to wash up and while I was doing that I wanted some background noise so I turned on Youtube and an OldTechBloke video game up comparing this distro with a Manjaro Openbox community edition. I was very impressed with Mabox and decided to give it a whirl in a VM. I’m still using it after a couple of days and considering making it my daily driver. I am not sure if I’ll do that though as my Ubuntu 20.04 installation is working just fine so I’m hesitant to fix what ain’t broke. Still, I enjoy using Openbox and the Mabox implementation is one of the best I have seen so I think I’ll continue using the VM and keep Mabox top of mind in case my Ubuntu installation becomes problematic.

Take care folks.


Hi gatton. I’m not a fan of VM, so I added Mabox as the third OS on my laptop. It lives with Xubuntu 16.04 and Xubuntu 18.04. (I’ll try Xubuntu 20.04 after they release 20.04.1)

I agree with the “background noise” requirement, especially now days where staying home is a good safety strategy. My poor old laptop doesn’t have enough guts to play videos, but I’ve got a lot of music and audiobooks to help break the silence.

Cheers. LS

Hi LiquidSky,
I used to be an inveterate “distro hopper”. So I find that virtualbox helps to curb that instinct as I can indulge in playing with other distros and seeing if the grass really is greener so to speak. So far I am really impressed with how well Mabox is running in a VM on my decidedly so-so machine. I’ve given it 4gigs of ram and 4 CPU cores and it is running fantastically. No complaints whatsoever.

ja używam maboxa od tygodnia i zostawiłem go jako jedyny system w lapku i ładnie śmiga na 4gb ram i procku intela i5 540m

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Welcome aboard, nice to meet you… I am also suggesting Mabox distribution to Spanish laptop users in Europe and Latin America…