Hello from UK

Hi, nice to be here. After years of both MacOS and Windows I moved over to Linux about 3 years ago and ran mostly Mint and some Arcolinux. Recently decided to try MaBox after much playing and checking things in a virtual machine first.

Currently its running on my desktop, which is an AMD-powered NUC about the size of 6 stacked CDs, but with 32Gb RAM and 2 2560x1440 screens. The initial MaBox install detected and set up everything 100% correctly - great stuff, thanks to the dev team!

Post install set up tasks, not that many for me.

  • Citrix Workspace, plus install and rehash certificate
  • VirtualBox for VMs for work
  • Install and set up HPLIP for printing
  • Steam client
  • Emby Server for film/TV streaming

Thanks again.


Hi @agaskew ,
Good to hear that you decided to install Mabox on your hardware after testing in Virtualbox.

So… welcome back to the forum :slight_smile:
Greetings from Poland

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Thank you napcok

Welcome back @agaskew.

That NUC sounds powerful, can you please share the brand/model?

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Sure yes its a SimplyNUC Ruby. This is version 1 but there is a V2 out now as well.

Ryzen U mobile CPUs inside,support multiple displays, 2.5Gb ethernet, up to 64Gb RAM and two M.2 slots so you could stuff it with 10Tb storage. Everything works with kernel 5.15+ - no extra drivers needed.

No I don’t work for them - others are available!



Welcome back to the green side! :wink:

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Thank you. Why isn;t this distro more popular? Its great.

Who knows, I guess distro hoppers pay attention to the most popular ones. :thinking:

Funny story: Mabox caught my attention at Distrowatch’s main page.

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I really like this distro so much that I almost use it exclusively. I have others booted alongside of it but this is the one that I use the most.

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