Hello everybody

New guy here. :slight_smile:
I just downloaded Manjaro xfce a few days ago, and been having problems to get Openbox, so somebody directed me to Mabox, and now I’m trying it. And loving it, so far.
A bit of background: started in Linux through Ubuntu in 2009, when I was about to thrash my computer because it was just useless on Windows XP.
Used Ubuntu until 2013. Then, a member in the Ubuntu Forum introduced me to Crunchbang. THEN is when I ended up falling in love with both Crunchbang and Openbox.
Then,Corenominal decided to stop developing Crunchbang, so after a very brief stint with BunsenLabs, I switched to Fedora, always with Openbox.
Now, after having a very hard time trying to install and make Fedora 34 and 35 work, I ended up here. And I’m pretty much seeing Crunchbang again, and I’m really loving what I’m seeing!
To make it clear, I’m not an expert. Just a regular user who expects the OS to get out of the way while he’s working.
So that’s about it. Hope to be able to learn and help as much as I can. Thank you all very much for having me! :smiley:


Buddie, hi ,
you’re not alone in this mabox boat…me too a newbie
Wish you have good surf on this …


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Thank you! Hope you also have a great time!
I had a great experience with #! before, and to be honest, I thought I’d never be that comfortable with an OS again. It’s an enormous pleasure to find I’m not the only freak that fell in love with the simplicity… :laughing:

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Me Prefer Simplicity because I m lazy ! haha
I have no luck with mabox ,bootup black screen and only mouse cursor, nothing else. tty s is ok.

Hoping to get mabox up , so would be good for me to compare with my other favourable distro Antix-21 which has some other hiccups, awaitng for advice to advance further mile.

Anyway, keen in awaiting …:slight_smile:

Oh, sorry.
A few years ago I tried Manjaro, or we should say I Intended to try Manjaro, as I could never get past the installation process. This time, both Manjaro and Mabox worked beautifully out of the box.
Keep trying, they’re definitely worth it! :+1:

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it didn’t work for me. So currently I m in the midst of trying some other distro. Will come back sometime later once others post their successful installed with the new updated iso.

Thanks for informing.