Generate wallpaper with pick color not working (solved)

Technical Issues and Assistance :

At the moment i cannot pick a color(s) for generating a wallpaper. Only automatic colors.

Has this something todo with the TODO in colorizer.

 ### TODO Rework below as submenu(edit palette and present palette with HTML help
       │ er- to keep it on desktop, allowing to copy colors from it)
 501   │ 
 502   │ ##out+=("^sep()")
 503   │ ##out+=("  $EDIT_PALETTE,xdg-open $WALLPALDIR/$WALLPAPER.clr")
 504   │ 
 505   │ # Przerobić na submenu
 506   │ #if [[ "$wall2themes" == "yes" ]];then

(edit add pix)

No option to pick color.


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Thanks for reporting :slight_smile:
This is not Colorizer. I have to check what is wrong (works for me).
I’ll be back shortly…

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OK, I removed color picker used in this tool from iso profile… :woozy_face:

Installing it should fix:

yay -S xcolor

I will fix that - to use the same color picker which is used in Colorizer, hopefully later today.

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Works like a charm now. Thanks.

Sorry, another colorize behavior when generating a wallpaper.

Is it normal when i generate a wallpaper, that the menu colors changes too.
Would be nice to keep the existing menu colors. Like previous pic.


You can configure what have to be colorized automatically or not and how - after wallpaper change.
In the same place where you enabled theme generation.

Go to Colorizer Menu super+ alt+ oSettings

There are individual settings for:

  • Openbox window decoration
  • Menu / Panels
  • Conky
  • and PyRadio

The automatic theme generation works quite well with subdued backgrounds, but I would rather turn it off when playing with this wallpaper generation tool.
The color palette is generated anyway, so you can use single colors selectively

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Back to ImageMagick Wallpaper generator.
Update (mabox-tools) is pushed to the repo - color picker changed.


Indeed, quite nice results with good pix . . . . I overlooked these settings before.


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