FSearch 0.2 release with greatly improved search engine

FSearch is a search utility focusing on performance and advanced features

New release brings greatly improved search engine:

The most important news is the updated search engine. Now it’s finally possible to search for entries with a particular size, modification date, folder depth, extension, content type, number of children and more. For example, to find every MP4 file, larger than 1GB, you can simply type:

ext:mp4 size:>1gb

Like before, empty space will be treated as an AND operator, but with this new release you can now also build queries with OR and NOT operators. For example, to find all JPG and PNG files, which were modified last month, with mum or dad in their name, you can simply type:

(mum OR dad) ext:jpg;png dm:lastmonth

For more info see: Fsearch on Github and release announcement

FSearch is installed by default in Mabox since years. Run it by super + / keys.
New release 0.2 is already available in Mabox repo.