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Hi, I finally made it to the forum. It was hard work as confirmation e-mails never received in any mailboxes. Had to use a different e-mail provider !!!
Congratulations for creating Mabox 22.12, it runs good now on my Dell D620 with Nvidia NVS110 and 3GB Ram.
I can report that with 1GB of RAM, it stopps working when using the built in firefox browser for some reason. Even freezes on a simple website. So the RAM requirement should be 2GB to run it with browser.
Rgds, Andreas

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…maybe I should add, that I come from Windows and do not ‘speak’ any Linux so far. Unfortunately I still like XP a lot, with its rocket fast boot time.
But Mabox could be a good alternative and I yesterday discovered AUR and my favorite XnView in there. What I would like a lot would be Icons, I just saw Idesk - maybe this tool can create some XP feeling :wink:
What I also search, maybe it’s already there, is a pdf printer driver to print anything into a pdf with the option to merge prints into one pdf. Another thing good would be an office packet which can deal with openoffice files…

Hello @New2Mabox, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

To be honest, if you are looking for something similar to WindowsXP - Mabox may not be the best choice. Especially if desktop icons are an essential part of your workflow.

Solutions like Idesk exist but are not very convenient
I would rather suggest trying another distro with a full desktop environment like Xfce, Mate or Cinnamon.

The icons are just a whish. Most important is the workflow itself. It is browsing, email, editing documents and sent them out as pdf…
Did try L-Ubuntu and found it a little slow. And it took long to boot and shut down. Further I could not install XnView MP (depencies error).
Did try and use Linux Mint Mate on dektop PCs and had the plan to use this on Laptop as well (after adding 2GB of RAM) but this did not work due to misconfiguration of Nvidia graphics. Further Wifi was not working after install (worked in Live-USB compatibility mode).
So far Mabox is far better than the other ones, there are a lot others (Distributionen - OpenOS) , but I do not want to test distributions rest of my life.

It looks like you already have some experience with Linux.
Fingers crossed you have more positive experiences soon :slight_smile:

For other questions, please create new threads. One thread - one question / problem. This allows you to get help faster and keep the forum organized.