Forcing apps to certain desktop


I changed the rc.xml by adding some rules to force programs to open on a fixed desktop number/name. It’s working fine but I have one ^&#%$%&(- application that’s not compliant. Maybe I’m making a mistake but it seems that firefox is not complying to these settings. I was wondering if someone else uses this type of workplace placement and if, if he/she has the same issues.



Works fine for me with this line in rc.xml.

  <application name="Navigator" class="firefox" role="browser" type="normal"><desktop>2</desktop></application>

let me try this one. Almost the same, I don’t use role

Doesn’t work. What happens is it starts FF and it’s minimized, desktop looks like it is going to the correct desktop but really stays on the current one. I will try without plank and without polybar, you never know…

okay the weird part. it seems it’s something with polybar and openbox. When i set to open FF on desktop 1 the first time it opens, iconifies , openbox signals to goto desktop 1 but it stays on the current. When a start a second one…yup, desktop 1

done some testing with vivaldi. that works really perfectly