First impressions of an exited new user from Germany

Hello dear community and @napcok,
I installed Mabox 3 days ago after recently seeing a very positive review on the Youtube channel “eBuzz Central”. I’m a quite “normal” Linux-user who knows enough to customize his system to his needs and knows the most essentials. I used to run Lubuntu for 11 years now on three different machines and never really distro-hopped. For a few month now I felt the urge to try something new on my main machine and wanted to get more in the world of rolling-release distros. So my first go-to was Manjaro. Annoyingly I’m a stubborn and diehard fan of Openbox and the LXQt desktop. Sadly the LXQt-spin of Manjaro was discontinued a while ago and the community-build iso was many month old. So I figured I had to install the DE out of the repos, a thing I would still have to learn about first.
Then I saw the review of your distro on YT and – lo and behold – even the developer and maintainer himself engaging in the comments, answering questions to interested passer-bys! That one does not see all to often in the world of Linux related media I’d say. So my couriosity was sparked and here I am one week later.

After 3 days I have to say, I’m very pleased with what I see. Although recognizably stitched together from different components, the DE makes a very consistent and well shaped impression. There’s much emphasis on nice and consistent theming with much variety and choice without becoming to overwhelming to set things up. It’s convenient to use for someone who already knows one or two things about window managers and Openbox. The default installed programs are well selected and all the little implemented helpers feel welcoming and give it a really personal touch.

I totally like Mabox very much after a short time and I think I’ll stick to it a bit longer. The community in this forum seems really nice and cordial and the maintainer is the most dedicated and on the go individual I came across so far in the Linux sphere. I’ll stick with Lubuntu on my other machines for now but even now I already see so much I would like to scrounge shamelessly to integrate it in my other desktops :stuck_out_tongue: .

Thank you for the new and enriching experience and I wish you many more years of excitement and success in what you love doing!


Welcome to Mabox big fans & community, and thanks for sharing your valuable impressions. We indeed enjoy maboxlinux simplicity using wm Openbox and the amazing visual interface settings and the easiest customizing scripting tools implemented by dev @napcok Best wishes from Chile.