Files do not open correctly in Dolphin file manager

Hi guys, I would like some help if possible, I ended up uninstalling pcmanfm and the archiver, I prefer to use ark and dolphin for practical reasons, such as being able to open the terminal within dolphin, however when I click on a file it does not run the expected application, and it asks which application I want to run to open the file, but it doesn’t list any applications.

I don’t know if this post has anything to do with it, but I linked it below:

Okay, I tried installing pcmanfm and the archiver, but dolphin still has the problem and pcmanfm works as expected, correctly.

Dolphin opens like this when I double click on a known file.

Thanks for help!

The question is: How Dolphin (KDE/Plasma) handles files associations?
Maybe one of these links will help you:

  1. System Settings/File Associations - KDE UserBase Wiki
  2. [~SOLVED] Dolphin - programs list disappeared after updating to 24.02 / Applications & Desktop Environments / Arch Linux Forums

By the way…
F4 key is to open terminal in current directory from PCManFM