Enhanced functionality of the touchpad

At my notebook the expose function super+~ does not work. To achieve this and get additional functionality I added some tools.

With this combination of tools it is possible to emulate every touchpad functionality you want.

Okay the expose function I added is not the nicest - but it work.

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Both libinput-gestures and gestures (GUI) are available from official repositories (extra).
To install:

yay -S libinput-gestures gestures

wmctrl and xdotool are already installed as they are widely used in Mabox :wink:

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It seems to me, that I have still a lot to learn about Mabox :woozy_face:

We learn all our lives - it’s a never-ending journey :wink:
I can say the same about Linux…

Thanks for sharing your findings – I had no idea such software existed