Editing the Fstab file

Both of my Mabox installations are currently unusable due to my having installed them on btrfs (the first) and jfs (the second) file systems.

Maybe I can fix the first by editing the fstab file (the error message says wrong file format) but I am not that knowledgeable about how to do that.

And I had backed up the system using archsysback and if anyone here knows how to use that to regenerate my backup to another partition (ext4, this time) that would be helpful.

Maybe you can share here the content of your fstab file, and also the output of the “mount” command ?

For “archsysback” i do not know this program (i use Timeshift on Btrfs for this purpose)…

The error message I get when I attempt to mount the mabox partition is:

Failed to mount, error mounting, wrong fs tyoem, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda13, missing code page or helper program or other error

I think I should reformat the partition and install the backup I did using archsystemback which generated a timeshift directory which i copied to another disk drive - but don’t see it at the moment.

Maybe I should just reinstall to a ext4 or btrfs partition and do another backup