Dynamic menu to configure Tint2 panel

Today update adds some new options to quickly configure tint2 panel.
Some quick actions added:

  • position
  • width
  • height
  • margin
  • padding
  • autohide
  • reset to defaults action

Please try it out :slight_smile:
Acces it from Main menuMabox ConfigTint2 panels
or directly by shortcut super + alt + p

See pipemenu (dynamic menu) for tint2 panel configurations.


Perfectly working even with Spanish translation and English settings …functional 10 of 10.


Mostly this works just fine. The autohide feature in the tint2 config file does not however work correctly ( for me at least ) which is why I added the panel to the dock.

What worked for me:
in tint2rc panel section:

autohide 0
panel_dock 1

in openbox/rc.xml dock section:

position TopLeft
autoHide yes

Also added keybind Super Alt P ToggleDockAutohide

Hope this helps somebody :slight_smile:


The autohide function works partially for me and I will soon upload a short video with the whole Dynamic menu update in the forums. You are right, my bad. I checked it and yes when you open a browser and close it autohide is not responding.

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Hi @ben_chile :slight_smile:
Thanks for this video - it is always good for author to see how others use tools he wrote.
I already have some ideas for small improvements :wink:

About Autohide…

  1. It is good idea to reduce margins to 0 when you play with Autohide.
    Also good to increase “size when hidden”. This can be done by GUI or editing config file by hand at the moment. I increased it from 1 to 4 pixels and seems it is working fine.
  2. It is impossible to interact with any desktop element when menu (jgmenu based) is shown. It “steals” cursor from whole screen. So if you try autohide you must “close” menu first - either by ESC key or by clicking on desktop. ( This is one of very few things I don’t like about jgmenu. Anyway it is almost perfect, amazing software for scripting, ricing and tweaking - and I can’t imagine Mabox without jgmenu)
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Today update brings some small improvements:

  • more positions
  • “compact?” moved to size submenu
  • better Autohide handling
  • better handling if more than one tint2 panel are running


Just for my case with 2 tint2 panels running atm …Thanks a lot.


Great improvements, autohide works out of a charm and your previous tips also do a cool job for more tint2 panels (btw I was listening to my radio news at that moment, sorry. )


Autohide now works perfectly. Thanks for the update :+1: