Drop-down or actually show-hide terminal

Originally published at: https://blog.maboxlinux.org/drop-down-or-actually-show-hide-terminal-in-mabox/

A drop-down terminal can be very handy sometimes. In Mabox, the default terminal emulator is Terminator, which does not have such functionality.

So I added a little wrapper – mabox-terminal – which is binded to the super-Enter key combination.

It’s not actually a drop-down terminal, it’s more of a show-hide.

There is a Terminator underneath so we have all its functionalities available like window splitting: Ctrl-Shift-O (vertically) Ctrl-Shift-E (horizontally). Use Alt-Arrow to move between terminals. F11 – toogle full screen.

This wrapper is a simple bash script – if you want to adapt it to your needs, just copy it to the ~/bin directory and edit it there:

cp /usr/bin/mabox-terminal ~/bin/

Wrapper script:

# "Show-Hide" terminal wrapper for terminator for use with keybind eg. super + enter.
# Depending on actual state it will start, show or hide terminal window.

ID=$(wmctrl -x -l | grep mabox-terminal | awk ‘{print $1}’ | head -n 1)
if [ -z “${ID}” ]; then
TOP=$(wmctrl -d|grep “"|awk ‘{print $8}’|cut -d’,’ -f2)
LEFT=$[$(wmctrl -d|grep "
”|awk ‘{print $4}’|cut -d’x’ -f1)/8]
HEIGHT=$[$(wmctrl -d|grep “*”|awk ‘{print $4}’|cut -d’x’ -f2)/2]
terminator -T mabox-terminal -b --geometry “${WIDTH}x${HEIGHT}+${LEFT}+${TOP}”
ACTIVE_WIN_DEC=$(xdotool getactivewindow)
if [ “${ACTIVE_WIN_DEC}” == “${ID_DEC}” ]; then
xdotool windowminimize ${ID_DEC}
xdotool windowactivate ${ID_DEC}

Dependencies: wmctrl and xdotool

I haven’t tested that, but it seems that the script can be easily adapted to the use of other terminals and not only in Mabox or OpenBox.


Amazing handy show-hide terminal…better than yakuake in Plasma. You keep doing maboxlinux rocking. :slight_smile:

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Useful for work, great job. I missed such a solution, and I didn’t like yakuake. :slight_smile:

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Nice ! It’s good to have this drop-*down possibility without to have to install another terminal.

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