Drivers and install : rtl8192eu usb wi-fi

I don’t have internet, I download everything through windows 10!
I CAN ONLY USE WIN10 too downloads any files NOW!

mabox-linux-22.02-Herbolth-220302-linux54.iso - used.


  1. downloaded GitHub - clnhub/rtl8192eu-linux: Realtek rtl8192eu official Linux driver v5.2.19.1

  2. Arch Linux - dkms 3.0.3-1 (any)

  3. where i can install for UR linux – "Your kernel headers for kernel 5.4.181-2-MANJARO "

  4. sudo pacman -U DKMS location file.

  5. sudo ./install_auto wifi driver in folder
    system SAYS:

Error! Your kernel headers for kernel 5.4.181-2-MANJARO cannot be found at /usr/lib/modules/5.4.181-2-MANJARO/build or /usr/lib/modules/5.4.181-2-MANJARO/source. You can use the --kernelsourcedir option to tell DKMS where it’s located.

WTF ? how i can install network on that os ? -_-

why debian sid, need only DKMS install, ur os says - “Your kernel headers for kernel 5.4.181-2-MANJARO cannot be found”
Where i can find that kernel, to OFFLINE istall in linux? i can download any files from WIN10

Don’t shout, calm down.

You have phone with wifi, right? So you can use usb tethering to share network with your PC. Connect your phone to PC, enable tethering and update & install what you need – you don’t need this GitHub repo, everything is in official repositories and AUR.

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why i cant install offline? - _ -
why all linux SAYS: CONNECT TO NETWOK to install NETWORK driver =-=
W t f ?
why me to install driver network need network? why i cant use OFFLINE install, with windows 10 ?
why windows more friendly?
just .exe to install any drivers…
here y say, connetc to inthernet to install enthernet driver rtl8192eu ! - _ -
ubuntu, debian, endeavouros - WORK with that github repo, and easy instralled THAT driver…


Hello there,

I don’t understand why you changed mabox kernel by default …into your kernel 5.4.181 ( which is a downgrade kernel LTS and latest kernel LTS is 5.15.26 Recommended). Well anyway according to Manjaro Linux forum “You need to install the headers for all kernels in use. If you select to install kernel 5.15 you must install linux515-headers as well - they don’t install automatically - otherwise dkms will fail. Type in aterminal: sudo pacman -Syu linux516 linux516-headers and then add your password to install, finally reboot mabox” this is the easiest way to solve your issue with these wifi driver packages

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You can do it. Just download headers package (and unknown amount of dependencies and updates) for your kernel from one of mirror and install it offline. But keep in mind that this is risky way, many things may go wrong :man_shrugging:

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But from where - where can I get them?
give at least a link, I’ve been looking in a search engine since yesterday (((
there is no such “extension” of the kernel
there are only new ones, I did not find it

Yep, I forgot give link :sweat_smile:

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  • __ -
    what wrong with mabox linux?
    why NOT work ?! >.>
    how i can install drivers OFFLINE ? >.>
    why … GARUDA linux (ARCH TOO)
    need ONLY DKMS install… and SUCCES INSTALL ?!

w t f ?

cant connect to wifi !
need install offline !

in any “Normal Linux”, that device easy installed OFFLINE driver --
why THIS not work?!
i installed DKMS, headers TOO!
and NOT WORK +
other linux easy work!
only with THAT linux cant - __ -
im angry ! +_+
why so BAD ?!

herald TOO have that ERROR ((((999999999
MABOX, what wrong with you? >.>
fix it((

Mabox is not other Linux.

You still shouting and making irrational complaints. I don’t see rational discussion here.