Doubt with Timeshift

If Timeshift saves the backups on the hard disk and the system crashes, what’s the point of having the backup on the disk that I can’t access?
Not that it’s happening to me, I’ve always been advised to use timeshift, but I can’t figure out how it works.
From what I’ve read the files it generates are very large.
Now, I keep copies of my modified configuration files such as Conky, of my personal files, I keep copies on pen drives and an external hard drive that I use only to store images, music, documents, etc…
In other words, I don’t make any modifications to the system files that could damage Mabox, but the risk of failure is always there.
Isn’t it better to download a new ISO and install from scratch and then replace the few modified settings?

If the drive is physically functional, and the software itself crashed, then access to timeshift files is from linuxlive. Once I had such a situation and managed to restore the system with timeshift. Unfortunately, after that one time I always had some problem with booting the system recovered by timeshift (probably the problem was in GRUB), so now I follow the same principle as you. I have a copy of all files, program settings and a list of installed programs and reinstall the system if necessary. Recently after an update there was a problem with tint2 and it could not be solved so I reinstalled the system. The whole restore took me an hour.

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Hi @wiini Thanks for your answer, I am not an advanced user so it helps me to confirm that my assessment is not incorrect.
So far I never had problems with updates, the only times I had problems were due to operational errors, playing what I shouldn’t have without the proper knowledge. I solved it by reinstalling and the problem was solved.