Donate to Mabox

If you are enjoying Mabox, please consider donating to this project to keep it rolling.

Developed with passion Mabox Linux is free and always will.
Nobody has to feel expected to make a financial contribution, many people support the project in other ways, but if you want to send something via PayPal or Stripe, it will be greatly appreciated and will help cover the cost of keep infrastructure running.



Hi @napcok,

Would you consider adding ‘Stripe’ payments to Ko-Fi payment options.
I prefer not to have a paypal account and don’t have DebC, Ccard.

‘Ideal’ is widely used payment service in the Netherlands and supported by ‘Stripe’.

It would be nice to be able to support your great work.


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Hi @muzqs
I added Stripe, thanks :slight_smile:

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I guess it will take some time to activate ‘Stripe’ service.
At the moment it’s not working.
Tomorrow i check again.