Does not show Chinese, Japanese characters

Hi Mabox team,
While surgind internet, I realised that on youtube video and text for other languages is unreadable.

chinese language

I have checked through phone, and the language is chinese. I also check some japanese website, and it seems the text also not showing any japanese character.
I have tried to install the language packaged if that the issue. It seems I do not have the option to do so when checking on Mabox Control centre > Language packages.

Please assist how to fix this issue.

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Hi @akwin,

Install noto-fonts-cjk for Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters.

yay -S noto-fonts-cjk

If you like to configure Mabox for Asian Languages this video may be help…


Thank you very much. I have inserted the command and after relogin, I can see the japanese text.

That is great.

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It would be ideal to have this somehow integrated to the OS setup, or to it’s welcome popup to install it as soon as possible without risking losing this information or never finding it in the first place. Every time I install Mabox, I have to revisit this thread to remember what I should do.


It’s mentioned on Arch-wiki. Works like a charm.