Does not show Chinese, Japanese characters

Hi Mabox team,
While surgind internet, I realised that on youtube video and text for other languages is unreadable.

chinese language

I have checked through phone, and the language is chinese. I also check some japanese website, and it seems the text also not showing any japanese character.
I have tried to install the language packaged if that the issue. It seems I do not have the option to do so when checking on Mabox Control centre > Language packages.

Please assist how to fix this issue.

Hi @akwin,

Install noto-fonts-cjk for Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters.

yay -S noto-fonts-cjk

If you like to configure Mabox for Asian Languages this video may be help…


Thank you very much. I have inserted the command and after relogin, I can see the japanese text.

That is great.