Customize the System tray

Hi again.

This one is probably easy but still couldn’t figure out how:

I’m trying to replace the Task Manager (lxtask) with btop or htop when you click on the CPU/Memory tray. I checked every option in tint2, the config file itself and also the manual here but still no dice.

I mean, if lxtask is assigned by default to some mouse_event is because a file somewhere has this config stored. :thinking:


It is a bit complicated :wink:
It took me a good 10 minutes to find out how it works, even though I wrote it myself … some time ago.
The script is responsible for HW monitors in the tint2 systray.
But not to be so simple, in Mabox it is wrapped in other scripts that make it easier to configure these monitors but also confuse the matter a bit.
To the point, if you want to play changing lxtask to something else:

cp /usr/bin/mabox-obstart ~/bin/

Try to read that script and edit there. Good luck!

I remember that once I tried to make it easy to change lxtask to something else, but I was not good at it, actually not at all, and I forgot about the case :slight_smile:

By the way…
As I look at these old scripts and how confusing they are, I am really glad that the upcoming Istredd will be the last version of Mabox (with old codebase).

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I found the line of interest inside the shell code (line 77 for those curious).

It’s good to know about the new codebase, will wait a bit longer. :+1: