Customize rh side panel - software management

Hi forum,
after easy&succesfull installation of mabox on a twelve year old 3GB Ram laptop some time ago, I did some modifications to the tint panel, following wiki and forum posts.
Now , I’m unsure how to customize the rh side panel in the software management section. I found in mb-tools line 541-546 separator ($SOFT_MANAGEMENT) , which I believe is the source for what I see the the rh side panel.
I’d like to use a two stage update process (sudo pacman -Syuu ; yay -Suua) rather than the single stage yay -Sua that I believe is behind “mbi-cli update”.
My question is how to alter this. I checked if “mbi-cli update” is just a simple bash alias but it isn’t.
In general, I like this menu to comand line approach update process and I would also like to get rid of the pamac gui update, which has unfortunately proven to cause so many update hick-ups in the past 12 months. At least when using it for updates on manajaro kde plasma which I have installed on a couple other laptops for people around me.

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Hi @Goiny and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
You can copy scripts to ~/bin and edit there.

cp /usr/bin/mb-{cli,jgtools} ~/bin

mb-cli update uses yay -Syyu

If you like to add your own commands to menu it is worth to read:

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