Custom mbhelper -s and ~/.config dir

Hi, @napcock and everybody.

Please allow me to keep this in writing, in this forum; it’s some wisdom you gave me about the mbhelper script. This way I will have a reference more findable when I forget, in case I accidentally erase my local, customized copy.

My initial problem was to make a thinner menu when I press I press W-F1 (mbhelper -s).

You, @napcock, shared these steps:

  1. First, copy it to ~/bin —will be easier to edit it there

  2. Second… after reading documentation for jgMenu (, you suggested to change this line:

menu_width = integer (default 200)

That’s the minimum menu width of the menu.

The menu width will adjust to the longest item in the current (sub)menu. If a filter is applied (e.g. by the user typing) the menu width will not adjust, and there are all files with paths from ~/.config available in this menu — for easy searching

  1. You can remove or comment out — if you don’t need those files to be here

Comment out:

After this, I just modified my ~/.config/rc.xml to change the executable so it will load the local copy of mbhelper:

<keybind key="W-F1">
      <action name="Execute">
        <command>~/bin/mbhelper -s</command>