Curious tiling-keybinings not showing in rc.xml – How to edit?

Hey there, brand new Maboxer here (I’ll write a short introduction in the according section :blush:)!

I use to run Lubuntu (LXDE and now LXQt) for 11 years now and just switched over to Manjaro/Mabox on my main machine 3 days ago. Needless to say, I’m a huge Openbox fan. When I edited the rc file to my liking I stumbled over a keycombination I couldn’t find configured in rc:

Ctr - Alt - Numpadkey1-9 (3 sizes per keystroke).

It’s a very dynamic, multidirectional way to tile and size windows by consecutively hitting the same keybind and I like it very much, so much so I’d like to make it work on my other two laptops which sadly lack a proper numpad due to size. So I wish to transfer this functionality to other keys fitting a compact keyboard layout.

I allready took note there are several cool tools to tile windows in Mabox, so I combed through the winfuncs- and Clicksnap- scripts (since it follows some of their paradigms but is not identical) but couldn’t find anything. Also searching in the forum didn’t helped me on.

Is there something I missed or I don’t understand (I don’t actually know anything about scripting)? Is there a viable way to remap these keybindings and make it work with i.e. Lubuntu?

Thank you in advance and I look forward to get more into this awesome distro, Cheers!

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Hello @Faehnchen and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Taka a look at QuickTile - Keyboard-driven Window Tiling for your existing X11 window manager


Yep, found quicktile.cfg in ~/.config :smiley:. Thank you for the swift reply!

Perhaps it’s worth adding in Windows tiling in Mabox - Mabox Linux notes since I couldn’t find something about it somewhere else in the forum. Have a nice and relaxing sunday!


Maybe the word "ventanas’ should be used. That “W” word makes me want to sudo apt-get-in safespace :thinking:


:joy: Sorry, I should have put a trigger warning inftont the link and make it hidden. Maybe go to the big square opening in the wall of your room, you know, the thing with the glass panes going by the name we don’t use 'round here, open it and take a deep breath! Should make you feel better… :wink:

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