Ctr-LMB Mousebind in rc.xml interfers with item selection in file browsers

Hey, just freshly installed Mabox Istredd.

I was shuffling some files from my backup to my new home before I set up my own configs and wanted to select multiple files and folders that are on seperate lines in the file browser with Control and left mouse button. Instead the cursor for moving the window appeared. So I looked into the default openbox rc that came with the install:

On line 1038 is following mousebind:

      <mousebind action="Drag" button="C-Left">
        <action name="Move"/>

Essentially it’s a duplicate of the same action set above where Alt-LMB (“A-Left”) is already the standard for dragging windows with the mouse. So I just commented it out with and reconfigured openbox.

Now I can select multiple items that are not adjacent to one another like it’s the default behaviour in most file browsers.


Thanks for report @Faehnchen
I will fix that in next ISO, and also provide fixed rc.xml if someone will need to use mb-reset script to fix this.

This is my fault, as I try to work around not moveable Conkies in Virtual Machines (VirtualBox and so on). There is an helper in Conky context menu which let you move all Conkies to new positions quickly—then save.
RMB click on Conky → Position → Make moveable all…
Sometimes it is better to not try to fix everything as side effect can be bad

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Ok, fix is ready and uploaded, but needs manual intervention – as this is a user file.
So please update:


Then run:

mb-reset -c obrcxml

If you need to compare files using Meld, or:

mb-reset obrcxml

to apply immediately (it will override your customizations if any)

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