Cortile - workspace based tiling manager for OpenBox

Cortile is a very intriguing project that I would like to bring to your attention.
I have been testing it in recent days and it looks very promising. Maybe one day in the future it will be integrated and included by default with Mabox. I encourage you to try it now.

Cortile is a tiling manager with hot corner support for EWMH Compliant Window Managers (so also for OpenBox)

Support for keyboard and mouse navigation sets cortile apart from other tiling solutions. The go implementation ensures a fast and responsive system, where multiple layouts, keyboard shortcuts, drag & drop and hot corner events simplify and speed up your daily work.

- Workspace based tiling.
- Keyboard and hot corner events.
- Vertical, horizontal and fullscreen mode.
- Persistent windows via “Always on Visible Workspace”.
- Floating windows via “Always on Top”.
- Resize of master-slave area.
- Drag & drop window swap.
- Auto detection of panels.
- Selective tiling areas.
- Multi monitor support.

Cortile is available from Mabox repo.

yay -S cortile-git

Configure it to you needs and try :smiley:

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I added Cortile Launcher to middle-click on desktop menu - to easy start and stop it.
If installed :wink:


New version: 1.1.1 :slight_smile:

Package name in Mabox repo is changed to cortile (not cortile-git)

yay -S cortile

Version 1.1.2!! what a pace :slight_smile:

I’m working on integrating Cortile with Mabox using tint2 executor. quick and dirty for now, but I’ll make a video tonight - because the screenshots won’t show it :wink:


And Cortile 1.1.3 released :slight_smile:

Already in Mabox repo!

I went for a walk with the dog… when we come back we have Cortile 1.1.5. Incredible pace and great improvements :slight_smile: