Control-Shift Arrows keyboard shortcuts in rc.xml

I was just editing a document in libreoffice and pressed C-S-Right to select consequtive words, but I ended up switching windows instead.

This is the part in rc.xml

    <keybind key="C-S-Right">
      <action name="DirectionalCycleWindows"><direction>east</direction></action>
    <keybind key="C-S-Left">
      <action name="DirectionalCycleWindows"><direction>west</direction></action>
    <keybind key="C-S-Up">
      <action name="DirectionalCycleWindows"><direction>north</direction></action>
    <keybind key="C-S-Down">
      <action name="DirectionalCycleWindows"><direction>south</direction></action>

Can we please change these shortcuts?


Using l, h, k, j (vi style keys) for now instead of the arrow keys