Control-Shift Arrows keyboard shortcuts in rc.xml

I was just editing a document in libreoffice and pressed C-S-Right to select consequtive words, but I ended up switching windows instead.

This is the part in rc.xml

    <keybind key="C-S-Right">
      <action name="DirectionalCycleWindows"><direction>east</direction></action>
    <keybind key="C-S-Left">
      <action name="DirectionalCycleWindows"><direction>west</direction></action>
    <keybind key="C-S-Up">
      <action name="DirectionalCycleWindows"><direction>north</direction></action>
    <keybind key="C-S-Down">
      <action name="DirectionalCycleWindows"><direction>south</direction></action>

Can we please change these shortcuts?


Using l, h, k, j (vi style keys) for now instead of the arrow keys


I noticed these shortcuts pretty quickly when trying to edit text in geany and other apps. All the ctrl-shift-arrow key combos have been text editing shortcuts for most of my *nix computing life, so if anyone is counting, here is one more vote to change the defaults.

Seeing this post finally motivated me to open rc.xml and just take the shift key out, so that ctrl-arrow switches windows now. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of conflicts that are showstoppers for me. But I usually cycle through windows using alt-tab, so the most important thing to me is that these shortcuts are anything other than their current defaults.


Seems like ctrl + Arrows is also used in text editors.
What about vim-like ctrl + h|j|k|l?
As sugested by @sng but without shift…

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That would be great if such shortcuts (Control + [any letter]) were not used by programs for their own functions.

Even Alt+Control combinations are used by programs…

Maybe a combination of Super + Shift | Control | Alt + h|j|k|l might work without inrefering with programs shortcuts?

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Good point @sng
Lets try with Ctrl + Super + h|j|k|l

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Yes it took just a few minutes to remember that ctrl+arrows was also a text editing combo I use quite often. :slight_smile:

And then I got distracted by something else.

ctrl + super + h|j|k|l looks like a reasonable choice. I agree with @sng about using ctrl as the sole modifier for global key shortcuts in general.

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