Consider IWD as network service deamon manager

IWD network service manager was implemented by Intel developers in 2017 and has been implementing its deploy expanded mostly to linux and Google chrome , they have extended to embedded linux drivers and enrolled new network cards vendors which had to supply linux drivers.
We have all experimented issues affecting our network connections by using wpa_supplicant network service daemon manager, especially wireless connections along these years and I consider that after IWD 4-years of serious development Intel IWD deploy has become a better option to provide linux users with better connections specifically wireless driver ones ( so as to get the most of wireless card drivers such as 5GHZ optimal connections).
Though Manjaro has the IWD package in the community repo for all its branches, still using classic wpa_supplicant which still provokes blocking delays or disconnecting loops in many network card vendors.
IwD has also been better implemented with new modern linux kernel since 5.40 because of Intel collaborative network staff support which makes faster connection to intel cards and external company suppliers from Asia.
I myself moved into iwd last year and it has been surprisingly positive round experience how my different network traffic has improved where I could never have a regular slow 2,4GHZ decent connection like public libraries or openpublic spaces offering community open wifi accesses.

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