Consider adding an Artix version

Some foreword for all the flame wars lovers :wink: :
I’m not here to start a flame about systemd, I’m using a no systemd distro at home because my old device perform really bad with systemd, so, before anyone should start any consideration about my choices, be advised that i simply will ignore any argumentation about systemd.

First of all a great thank to napcok for providing us his wonderfull work. You have developed some really interesting pieces of code and a very pleasant DE.
I’m using Artix on my home Laptop so i think it should be really interesting have an Artix version.
Even better it should be an aur package to install all the Mabox features, so it should be used in any arch derived distro (and obviously on arch).
Bash scripts are more useful in low resources environment so i think that the Mabox code will be greatly appreciated by a lot of users (think to all raspberry pi users).
Further more having the code on git will allow to other developers to contribute to the project.

I know that can be not simple make this switch, but please consider it :slight_smile:

Hi @purpleleaf
Thanks for your interest and kind words :slight_smile:
Realistically speaking, there is no chance that I would make a systemd-free Mabox based on another distribution.

Mabox is my hobby project developed after hours in my spare time.
I have many ideas in my head, unfortunately there is not enough time to implement them.

However, I plan to improve some of “Mabox parts” or rewrite them to be useful not only in Mabox / Openbox, but independent of the distribution or window manager.
It will, however, take some time for sure.
If it succeeds, I will put them on github or maybe in AUR.