Conky customizations lost

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I made a mistake when testing Colorizer. I changed the theme and lost all the work I did with Conky. As I modified the .configs I didn’t think to save the session, I understood that they were modified and applied to all the themes.
When I changed, the fixes I made were lost.
Is it possible to recover that Conky or they were simply lost?
How do I save them to apply them to any theme I choose?
Answers are appreciated.

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Unfortunately not.
When you do own modifications to conkies it is better to save them with new name:
For example:

cd ~/.config/conky/
cp sysinfo_mbcolor.conkyrc my_sysinfo_mbcolor.conkyrc

Switch to it, and then add things like temperature and so on.

Also when you work on your own theme, don’t forget to save it with theme manager.


To get the originals …
What you can do is start a live version of Mabox.
Make a backup of the conky’s confs to a good place.
Startup your system and go to the place you saved it.

Lost enough edits or originals in the past because of no backups.



Hi @napcok , i am not sure what the chooses are what to put in the skel folder. But could conky confs be added. So it’s easy to recover to the default.

EDIT : rethinking my question. I can think of many reasons why it is not added to skel.

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Reset to original Conkies is possible by using mb-reset script:

 mb-reset - reset/update user config files to (current) distro defaults.
    It only affects files shipped with Mabox.
    Be aware that you may loose your own customizations (if any).

 Usage: mb-reset option

   Compare mode:
     -c           - compare files using meld GUI (if installed)
                    It lets you see changes and decide which one to pick or not.
                    Works with rc.xml,bashrc and autostart files
                    Usage: mb-reset -c obrcxml | autostart | bashrc
   Overwrite mode:
     obrcxml      - rc.xml default OpenBox configuration file
     obautostart  - default autostart file
     bashrc       - bash config file (~/.bashrc)
     terminator   - terminator config
     conky        - overwrite conky config files in ~/.config/conky/
     glyphicons   - override font settings for glyphicons
     tint2        - overwrite tint2 panel config files in ~/.config/tint2/
     jgthemes     - overwrite menu/sidepanels color schemes in ~/.config/mabox/jgobthemes/
     mainmenu     - overwrite main menu files (favorites.csv)
     leftpanel    - left panel custom commands
     rightpanel   - right panel custom commands
     allmenus     - overvrite all menus, panels and exit dialog
     logout       - logout dialog

Here, @Claudio loses his customizations, unfortunately.
So is always good to copy original config to file named by yourself and customize there.


I see where my focus is in Mabox. Great tool :wink:

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All these mistakes I am making, I take them as part of my learning.
I learn slowly, but I learn. I chose the path of trial and error, I think it is the longest, most arduous, but the one that best fixes the knowledge. I am taking notes, and publishing them here, at some point, my experiences will be useful to someone in their learning path.
Thank you very much for responding and for putting Mabox at the service of the people.

Thank you for your response, it is very constructive. In my case, I will simplify it. I have two hard drives, I will keep copies of the edits I make on all the items and those copies will go to an external hard drive that I use for my backups and Timeshift is always on hand for backups. In this particular case, I started from a misconception, I thought that by modifying the original file it was defined for all items.
It will not happen again.

Does this script already exist in Mabox or should I create it from this forum post?

Hi Claudio,

I’m not sure about your explanation of what you want to do.

What I recommend is when you install Mabox fresh, copy the .config folder under a different name to an external drive. So that you always keep the original config files.

Timeshift, correct me if I’m wrong, is more for a rollback of the system. It resets the system to a previous snapshot.

Data, e.g. config files, that you work on are done with a backup program.
This way you keep the timeshift snapshot small among other things.

For data/.config you are working on you make backups/copy.
I use luckybackup for this purpose. But there are many other good tools suitable for this.

Timeshift = for snapshot of your system, if e.g. the system gives problems, you can go back to previous version.
Backup (luckybackup) = for backup of your data you are working on.

If you keep the original files that way it is ok to change the default config files on your system.
Saver, copy and rename the original config and update conky manager as mentioned by @napcok, and select your just modified config.

Do you mean all other conky configs?



Hola @muzqs
Keeping the original files is not essential for me, if I had to reinstall Mabox bring the original files.
What I should keep are the files with my configurations so that I don’t have to redo them as I do now. Those files are the ones I should keep as backup.

Timeshift, if I understood correctly, creates a “snapshot” each time, that is, today I would create one with today’s configuration, if in a certain time I need to use it, I would go back to this moment, if I understood correctly. I suppose that each time you create a snapshot you delete or overwrite the previous one.

I do not generate many personal files, usually price lists in Calc due to inflation, as I need to have them at hand I upload them to Telegram, that’s already a backup, I also keep the original on the HD and another on a pendrive, due to inflation I must renew them constantly so I overwrite them and no more files are generated. Then there are personal photos, music and videos that I keep in the cloud and on an external hard drive, I usually have a copy on the HD to listen to music when I use the PC or if I want to retouch a photo or watch a video on a big screen instead of the cell phone. I don’t use email clients, I got used to use web services. I use Linux to study and keep my mind active in something outside of work, it’s like an exercise to keep my mind active, to get out of the routine, so I play with the configuration, I often try it even without knowing what will happen to see if it works and then I try to find out where I made mistakes, I correct, I try again, I ask questions and I try to bring linux to people with limited economic resources, I think it would be very useful for them, that’s why I use and rescue old machines, it’s the way I found to show young people without resources that they don’t need to have a last generation PC. I learned to use Linux by creating a dictionary of almost 300 pages without knowing how to use Linux, that led me to learn to use LibreOffice, Gimp and inkscape, it’s a dictionary for fishermen. That’s all backed up.

Maybe Lucky Backup or similar is the right thing to do, everything you tell me leaves me wondering.

The mistake I made put me on my guard, it will not happen again, before making changes I will have backup, so I am looking for a way to perform “cleaning” of my Mabox with some kind of alias or script that minimizes my mistakes, for example, I do not know what to delete without affecting the system, I understood that I could delete the orphans without problem now I must be careful with the dependencies as many are shared. Some people use Bleachbit, I want to do it by console as part of my exercises, knowing what I can do I could create that script and keep my system up to date. For example, what to do after an upgrade or after installing programs, what to do with logs, temps, etc., what files are necessary, essential and which ones are not?
I will see about Saver. :+1: