Conky and terminal ram are not sync

from what i see in the new version of mabox is that the sync of the ram is higher out of sync than in the version before.
the real ram is in terminal , but if you look at the conky ram in this new version it is about 250mb higher than the terminal from what i see.

the ram is higher in the conky than in the version before that is strange.

it is not realy a bug , but they are not sync that is what i see the conky have alot more ram , but it is wrong.

This is Conky’s new way of counting and showing memory.
I prepared updated Conky configuration files - so that they show the same as free and lxtask
So you can pull them into your home dir by:

mb-reset conky

If you have customized Conky configs and want to edit them by hand, just replace $mem with $legacymem.

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ok , wil check this out :metal: