Compiling POVRAY on Mabox?

Hi folks, my first post here. I’ve recently moved from using debian to mabox as my daily driver. I’ve used povray for years and would like to hear from others who use it in mabox, especially if anyone has successfully compiled povray 3.7/3.8.

Povray is in official repositories, you need only install it

yay povray

Thanks Tomek, yes I have installed pov from the repo but I like to compile locally on my machine - it seems to render faster. On debian systems it’s a piece of cake: download dependencies from the repos and away you go, but I don’t find the same libraries and such for arch-based distros. Just wondering if others have traveled this road before me :slight_smile:

Assuming you already installed compiler and such, here you can read what’s needed extra for compiling povray

povray/ at master · POV-Ray/povray · GitHub

Source files needed to compile povray: PKGBUILD and patch. You can use it also as base to compile other povray version like 3.8(?)

Manjaro wiki about buildpkg:

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Thanks napcok! :slight_smile: I will try this