Colorizer Tint2 module [DEV]

Colorizer module for Tint2 - I just started writing it a few days ago.
This will be the most difficult project so far, highly experimental for now, but something is already working! :slight_smile:

For now, it’s far from even the phase when I will be able to share it with testers.
It will take a lot more time, sweat, tears and blood :wink:

But if I manage to implement my vision fully… the effect should be spectacular.


Hello, @napcok
That’s very grenat because Tint to need a coloris. Guillaume

Looks amazing, you are actually overlapping new horizons for Tint2. Congrats for this initial phase. :metal:


Just started to find my way into coloring of the tint2 panel.

Setting up the colors is quite a challenge …

I am looking forward to the next level tint2 :rainbow_flag: tool.


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Some good progress about it …

At last I know what features will be possible… although still lot of work ahead :wink:


Your progress looks amazing for adding hues to tint2… You have become Istredd the sorcerer himself OMG :smiley:

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