Colorizer on the way to 1.0 release

Colorizer has developed a lot in recent days, you may have noticed frequent updates.
Major changes:

  • the earlier help window is now treated as the main program
  • dynamic menu as advanced mode
  • Randomizer allows you to quickly randomly change color themes + quickly restore default settings (like after installation)

If you want to play around with Colorizer, it is recommended to save your current configuration using Theme Manager - so you can come back to it.

This is a good time to review and apply the new Mabox settings using the mb-reset helper.

I suggest executing the commands:

mb-reset glyphicons

for “icons” used in some menus

as well as comparing and possibly applying selected changes to the Openbox rc.xml configuration file

mb-reset -c obrcxml

It allows you to preview the proposed changes and apply selected or all of them.
(actions: conkyctl contextmenu and conkyctl cmdmenu are especially important)


It is a very good solution that I can see the changes and decide what I want to keep and what to change! :slight_smile:

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Colorizer 0.9.15 beta is available - I think it is last before 1.0

Section Wallpaper → themes is complete, and probably my favorite one.

Try it out :wink: