Colorizer glitches on older Mabox installations

Bugs and possible workarounds for Colorizer on old installations.

Colorizer was created during the Mabox Istredd* development cycle. It was included in distro since may 2022 ISO refresh.
On installations made from earlier ISO images, Colorizer must be installed by the user and may malfunction and require manual intervention.

* Istredd is not finished/released/announced yet

This thread will be updated with possible fixes/workarounds for such installations.

Conky module

Colorizer can handle a collection of Conkys. It will not work with older ones shipped with Mabox.

  1. To get new Conky configs run:
mb-reset conky
  1. Kill all Conkys:
killall conky
  1. Go to ColorizerConky… and start/configure some new Conkies

Menu/Panels module

There are some glitches…
Please update menu theme files by:

mb-reset jgthemes