Colorizer 1.0 on its final stretch

After over a year and a half of development - Colorizer is approaching release 1.0.
This means that it is undergoing significant changes.

Currently, it is in the phase of transformation from a tool for developers, experimenters, and ricing maniacs towards a tool that is more useful also to the end user.

The most spectacular functionality is/will be the ability to save and restore the color schemes for all components and also the whole desktop meta-theme at once.

Status for main modules:

Module description Save/Restore color scheme Ready for 1.0? notes
Menus Look and feel of all jgmenu-based menus and tools :white_check_mark: need testing
Conky Conky Manager & Colorizer :white_check_mark: need testing
OpenBox Openbox Window decoration :white_check_mark: need testing
Panel tint2 Configure and colorize panel … no prototype, not published yet

After completing the above, the next step is to create a mechanism to save/restore the Mabox Desktop Theme (meta theme), which will consist of:

  • colorschemes for all above
  • font settings
  • sizing options
  • GTK theme and icons
  • wallpaper

Status for other areas:

Area description Ready for 1.0? notes
Fonts module quickly change fonts from one place :white_check_mark:
mbclr submenu to modify/change colors :white_check_mark:
Rootmenu Main menu of Colorizer no need work
Main Window Interactive HTML main window and Help no need work
PyRadio and Cava extra modules for PyRadio and Cava audio visualiser :white_check_mark:
Documentation to be written as a separate website not started

Autotheming on wallpaper change

The option to automatically generate a theme after changing the wallpaper will probably be removed, or at least hidden more deeply. In most cases (~80%), the generated themes still need to be tweaked manually.
It will certainly still be possible to quickly generate a theme based on the wallpaper in each component separately (OB, Conky, menus. tint2). In two options: dark and light.

Last days changes…

Menus module

Conky module

submenu to modify/change colors


Love these lines! I can´t wait dear @napcok Thanks for this exciting news.


0.9.61 pre-release

Conky Manager/Colorizer

  • scheme file now stores not only colors but more variables like: own_window_transparent, outline, shadow border
  • two variants of transparent schemes provided
  • quite important info is shown when Sysinfo conky is not running - it is a base conky for some Colorizer functionality

mbclr - submenu to modify/change colors

  • current color small indicator beside every color
  • show current GTK theme name

0.9.62 pre-release

Openbox theme save / restore

You can save your Openbox theme configuration. Then restore it fully or only colors from it.

Playing with this can be addictive, don’t spend too many hours :wink:

Also some improvements to theme generation from Wallpaper colors ( light and dark variants ) and theme generation from predefined gradients.


I use Feh for a little while now for setting the wallpaper. Quicker with changing wallpapers.
And i created a click (tint2) script running Nitrogen [automatic theming on].

In the picture i am testing a script i am developing for remap wallapers. So i can change the color style with the same pix. (Magick)

Things will change, i quess, when Version V1.0 will be released.

Not yet found the way to use hex colors for --remap images .
This is possible, tried it, but can’t get that to work, yet.
I use now png files with color pattern.
Preferably i would use hex colors from a config file.
In development :slight_smile:

Looking foreward to V1.0.


edit:add pic.


0.9.69 pre-release

Colorizer Main Window and Help improvements :slight_smile:

  • window is now responsive (fonts and content scales while resizing window)
  • new Fonts page - just link to launch Fonts dynamic menu for now
  • Conky and Cava pages gets lot of improvements. I think they now spectacular to use…

Conky page

Conky page now let you to toggle all Conkies easily. More detailed info about unique Conky related features provided by Mabox: customization right-click context menu and left-click launchers

Cava page

Much more control over transparent Cava colors and sizing

I highly encourage you to try them out :slight_smile:

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Where to find the pre-release for testing.


You have it installed already if you have updated system.
I call it “pre-release” before 1.0 version, but it is available from mabox repo, and updated frequently.

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This is my version. I did’t touch mcc.

MCC (Mabox Control Center) and Colorizer are two different programs.

You can start Colorizer from MCC or from terminal :wink:

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Ah, I see… i had colorizer in my ~/bin. thats it. :space_invader:

0.9.70 pre-release

Main Window improvements

  • fix “Select wallpaper” launcher
  • CSS cleaning, launchers have subtle hover effect now
  • more info about Wallpaper and Terminal
  • AVIF image support


For some reason the unicode icons are not shown for me in colorizer.
Fonts are installed…


Do you have ttf-nerd-fonts-symbols-2048-em font installed?

yay -S ttf-nerd-fonts-symbols-2048-em

If so, you can also try:

mb-reset glyphicons

and then relogin

$ yay -S ttf-nerd-fonts-symbols-2048-em
Sync Explicit (1): ttf-nerd-fonts-symbols-2048-em-2.3.3-1
resolving dependencies…
looking for conflicting packages…
:: ttf-nerd-fonts-symbols-2048-em and ttf-nerd-fonts-symbols-1000-em are in conflict. Remove ttf-nerd-fonts-symbols-1000-em? [y/N]

I had another one installed…This works :slight_smile:


0.9.73 pre-release

Monochromatic theme generator from color picked from screen
You can generate themes for OpenBox window decoration, Menus and Conkys.
Two variants: dark and light.
For me this works usually better than theme generation from wallpaper colors palette.

Colorizer Main window redesigned

This is 101’th small release of Colorizer during almost 2 years of development, and we are not at version 1.0 yet. Am I crazy? Yes, I am :rofl: