[closed] QT Apps always go behind bar at startup

This is nothing but a little annoyance I had from day 1 with Mabox.

As the title says, QT based apps (I don’t know why) always open behind the Tint panel.
The only workaround is to press Alt-F6 and then it goes back to normal. Regular apps, on the other hand, never do that.

The easiest example, if you want to try, is Foxit Reader. Any advice please? :thinking:

Try to change panel layer to bottom in your tint2 conf file.

panel_layer = bottom

They should go above panel then - instead of behind :wink:

Thank you.

It kind of works but now is covering the Tint panel. Still needs Alt-F6 to put it back in place. :laughing:

I’m closing this bug.

Further testing with other QT Apps (ie, Virtualbox) show them fine. I was trying to find possible causes (problems) between GTK and QT interactions with Tint2 like this scenario but nothing solid came up. Then suddenly hit me: maybe this is a particular issue with Foxit Reader.

Lo and behold, found it right away. :sweat:

Will try harder next time before posting.

I got this page from the link.

Say no more:

I have the most recent version but they didn’t fix it. And finally:

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