Clean the cache and manteniance

Hi, everyone.
I’m trying to clean pacman cache but Terminator said that it no recognize the order.
Am I doing it correctly?

claudio@Claudio-Mabox ~ $ paccache
bash: paccache: orden no encontrada
claudio@Claudio-Mabox ~ $ 

I’m looking for commands to mantein my Mabox clean.
For example, this is my /home/claudio/.cache folder Should I keep all of this or can I delete it?

And what about tmp folder?

Is there anything else I should look at and clean regularly, is this necessary, should I not pay attention to it? I don’t want to install programs for maintenance, I would like to do it directly via terminal but I don’t know what I can do and what I can’t. I have already deleted dependencies that I should not have deleted and had to reinstall. The good thing is that I learned from that mistake and I haven’t made it again.
There is a bot in Telegram what have Manjaro commands, till now I’m using it.

pacman cache

paccache command is part of pacman-contrib package. Install it if you like.

Or use yay to manage packages cache…

# to see some statistics
yay -Ps
# to clear packages cache
yay -Sc

~/.cache directory

Usually, it contains files needed by some programs to operate faster, like web browser cache. I would recommend Qdirstat to investigate what is inside and eventually delete some files from here (At your own risk).

/tmp directory

is used to store the data used by the system and user applications to store the data that are needed for a short period of time.

It is managed by the system and cleared after each reboot.
Better do not touch by yourself :slight_smile:

Also take a look at this thread…

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Thanks, @napcok.
I’m going to use Yay, I like it better than pacman and pamac, there I was looking at the “man” in Terminator, and I’m going to read the thread you recommend.
I tried pacman because it was the only information I had at hand.

Using QDirstat is going to take me a while to learn, I don’t quite understand how it works. I’ll get there.
Thank you very much.