Changing placement of right and left ("places") menus

First, I’ll just say that I love nothing more than a sweet rabbithole, and the jgmenu configuration on Mabox is one of the most interesting that I’ve headed down in some time.

Could I just have a quick hint on how to place the right and left (“places” in ~/.config/mabox/) sidepanel menus at specific x and y positions? I would like them both to appear on the left, offset from the edge by the width of my freshly reconfigured vertical tint2 panel.

I have taken a good look at /usr/bin/mb-jgtools, and, although bash scripts are no longer quite the dark art they once seemed to me, I cannot make out where or how to change the x and y alignment of any of the menus. The main and settings menus already appear offset from my tint2 panel, but the left and right sidepanel menus remain stubbornly stuck to the left and right edges of my display. Are there any constants, or better, config file values that I can change that will put those where I want them?

Thanks for your tireless dedication to tweaking this thing.

Hello @josefk :slight_smile:
This is an interesting idea :slight_smile:
I didn’t think about it when writing the script.
It is not possible to set this via the configuration file…
This should be easily achieved by editing the script itself.
Copy the script to your home directory:

cp /usr/bin/mb-jgtools ~/bin/

And edit there:
In line 254 (function right)


Then change line 260 to:


Change 80 to how many pixels you need.

Then find menu_margin_x in places function (line 612) and change it also.

Let me know if it was successful…

If not, write how many pixels margin you need and I will prepare modified script for you.

I bookmarked this post to remember to add config option in planned rewrite of menu/panels script.


Sweet! Thank you. I will try this in the next couple of days. Life calls for now so I cannot sit in front of the computer all day today. Poor me. :wink:

And it works perfectly. Thanks!

Am looking at submenu_spacing=6 in ~/.config/mabox/mabox.conf and the original values for menu_margin_x, e.g. ${submenu_spacing:-0}, and trying to understand what ‘:’ does in bash variables.

Don’t tell me! Or not until come back here to say I was defeated in my quest. This gives me something to do while yesterday’s COVID booster finishes with me. Arguably, I should be in bed watching movies. Which is where I may end up after all.

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