Change Openbox Menu Font

Shalom Friends! I can’t find the Folder (maybe called “Family Font”) to change the Fonts of Openbox-Menu of my own. Like C64 Font. Please can somebody help? Peace and Thanks!


Hello @alfmelmark
Mabox do not use built-in Openbox Menu, it uses jgmenu based menus.
See: Menu / Sidepanels - Mabox Linux Manual
There are some predefined fonts you can choose.

If you really need own custom font you may try to define it in ~/config/mabox/mabox.conf

menu_font_family='C64 Pro'

Edit: Looks interesting :slight_smile:


Wow thanks napcok for your quick reply! I will try it today… I’m still a beginner :slight_smile: But I think for me Mabox is great work :slight_smile: The Screenshot looks so good :slight_smile: Thanks!

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Now it is possible to select custom font and size from Menu/Sidepanels settings menu.

See screenshot:


wow! nice. Is much better with font size 11 now