Cant install driver rtl8192eu [SOLVED]

screenshot :

bad return status for modules build

Change your directory name.
Do you have problem with understanding errors shown on the screen?

Stop spamming the forum about your problems with other distributions.

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change name - doesn’t work, i tried

If you have mobile device, then you can use USB tethering for an internet connection temporarily.

Then you can try to build either 8192eu-dkms or rtl8192eu-git

No need to run random scripts from the Internet, everything you need is in the repositories or AUR.



it was “very painful” but I managed to figure it out ((((
the problem was that I had the newest kernel, and it seems that my driver does not support it

  • install LTS core and headers for it
  • and it… helped…
    ; (
    it’s only a pity that I killed for it, about 2 days, I figured it out myself