Cannot open jgmenu by right click on Conky

Nothing happens when I try to open jgmenu by right clicking on Conky.
Here is a few properties in my conky.conf file.

	own_window = true,
	own_window_type = 'desktop',
	own_window_transparent = true,
	own_window_hints = 'undecorated,below,sticky,skip_taskbar,skip_pager',
	own_window_colour = '#000000',
	own_window_class = 'Conky',
	own_window_title = 'Mabox Quakeworld Monitor Conky',

What am I doing wrong?

Thats interesting :slight_smile:
I have always been convinced that Conky is a kind of window and it is impossible to perform window manager actions on it …
Thanks to your question, I consulted the documentation … and it turns out that I was wrong.
Try to set:

own_window = false;

I don’t know if this will have any unwanted side effects.

To quickly edit running Conky go to: Settings Menu Super + sConkyEdit running Conky…
This will open Geany with appropriate Conky config, after saving changes Conky will reload automatically.

Thank you for responding to my question so quickly.
I set that to false and reload conky. But, conky does not show up at all.
When I switch it back to true and reload, conky is back.

For me this works… sort of
Works with Conky with shortcuts (bottom left)… but when i try with top-right it behaves strange… some flickering occurs.
So I think best way is to click on desktop not on Conky :smiley:

Thank you for looking in to it. That’s interesting. My Conky happens to be on top-right. I am coming from BunsenLabs and it’s my habit to right click on Conky as rest of my desktop is covered by bunch of windows.

It’s time for me to drop old habit and develop new one.

Maybe something is wrong with those Conky configs shipped with Mabox then…
I will have a look at Bunsenlabs when they release new version based on Debian 11 :slight_smile:

Thanks! It will be ironic to find out if the new version based on Debian 11 behaves like Mabox. :slight_smile: I am currently using BL (Lithium) on Debian 10.

I am considering to hop off of BL as it does not support newer generation of CPUs out of the box. I am using Mabox for a few months. So far everything works out the way I like except this right-clicking --issue-- feature.

I just found this discussion on Conky’s Github:

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I found another thread which ends with this comment. how to make conky consistenly pass clicks to the root window #320 · Issue #654 · brndnmtthws/conky · GitHub