Cannot install

Cannot get Mabox to install, installer stops at graphical interface running on Lenovo laptop.

Which ISO image you use?
Have you checked the md5sum?
Have you tried both free and non-free drivers?

Please note that napcok just got out of the oven an ISO with kernel 6.1. You should give it a try as this kernel in much better for recent Intel and AMD CPUs. Don’t forget checking the checksums.

Any info about the specs of your laptop or the error message that you can provide will help us to understand the problem.


Just for a reference with

nonfree drivers
81W8 Lenovo IdeaPad S145-15IIL

test installation was flawless.
(First accepted Hungarian offered by location and although I have not found it in the initial install menu this language is present to some extent which is good if I want to offer for elderly people here)

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