Bug with size of mouse cursor

Hi guys. First of all - congratulations with this VERY fine distro. I’ve been using the original CrunchBang (#!) Distro and missed a fine polished Openbox + ArchLinux based Distro since that times. So good luck and THANKS!
I run the up-to-date version with last pamac updates this evening and still have the bug, that the mouse cursor after log in is “big”, but in some apps it get the smaller=normal size. See for yourselves…


Hi, @hb2018 and welcome to the forum.

I had a similar issue but only with Firefox.

Could be the same? :thinking:

Hello @hb2018 , and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

How did this happen?
Have you changed any settings for the cursor theme or size, e.g. in LXapearance, or by editing files?

@M0nst3r : i will check it, thanks for the info


  1. I boot the PC
  2. Mabox starts
  3. I login
  4. Voila - there is the “big” cursor.
  5. I start Chromium and in the chromium window the cursor ist “small”.

Funny enough, in PCManFM window the cursor is still big! I did not test many other apps :slight_smile:
When i start LXAppearance and DO NOTHING else the cursor becomes small again, even in the PCManFM window.
If you like i could do a screencast video…

No need for screencast.
I was unable to reproduce this.
How did you install Chromium? From repositories or some exotic package, e.g. snap?

Some config files are worth to check:

grep -i cursor ~/.gtkrc-2.0 ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini ~/.icons/default/index.theme ~/.Xresources

Output from mine PC:

/home/napcok/.icons/default/index.theme:Comment=Default Cursor Theme
/home/napcok/.Xresources:Xcursor.theme: Numix-Cursor

I installed Chromium from Mabox’s menu on the left screen side “Install popular apps → Internet → Install Chromium”

… and here is the output:


Sorry to inconviene you. This is not something very relevant. I thought seeing the VERY polished rest of the visual appearance i would give the feedback.
Thanks for you effort :slight_smile:

Just to let you know that you are not alone :wink:

I experience the same issue, and as you say in a forward post, it’s not that great deal. I have a high resolution, like 2048x1244… (aprox . I’m not at the computer). As soon as as I can, I’ll share my output

Thanks, sleeping much better now :wink:. I have a high res (4K in my case), too.