Brightness/Battery indicator

I installed this fantastic distro on a iota 360 2in1 laptop.
Everything works out the box except no battery indicator and more importantly brightness. I went into preference but can’t find any brightness slider.
I’m on openbox
I don’t have any brightness keys on the keyboard for some reason.

Any suggestion anybody?

Hello @giukas,
yay -S brightnessctl
(Should it be missing.)
insert sg like this into ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml

    <keybind key="W-F11">
      <action name="Execute">
        <command>brightnessctl s 5%-</command>
    <keybind key="W-F12">
      <action name="Execute">
        <command>brightnessctl s 5%+</command>

Super + F11 decreases, Super + F12 increases brightness in this case.
brightnessctl -h
shows help

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I have been looking for iOTA Flo 360 images and all of them have clearly marked the brightness keys.
This may be obvious but press Fn + F4 and Fn + F5 key combination. :thinking:

Hi . I got an iota 360. The flo is another model. At F4 and F5 I have volume.:+1:

Great. I’ll try. And I presume I could set any other key in place if F11 and F12?

Sure. Search for - in rc.xml to avoid collision.
xev may help you to find the name of some non-trivial key-

Battery indicator should appear in panel when battery is less than 90% loaded (if your Mabox installation is relatively fresh - this was added in Dec 2022 release IIRC). It only shows percentage.

You can also install and use cbatticon - lightweight battery icon for the system tray.

Thank you all for your feedback. Got it working in the end

Power Manager also has a System tray icon, which can be enabled on the General tab.
@napcok can the new battery indicator be coerced to always show, instead of only below 90%?

@biemster you can configure the battery indicator to your needs. By editing a configuration file or by GUI.

super + alt + p - will show you Mabox’s panel quick configuration menu, when you can find menu items to edit config file or configure tint2 by GUI.

Tint2 docs about battery indicator → doc/ · master · o9000 / tint2 · GitLab

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Hello @zolw
I follow your advices: Super+F11 and Super+F12 is good for me. Thank You.

Hello, @giukas
I writing a script for obtein a indicator battery on the conky.
Maybe is good for you.


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It would be fantastic

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You can use Conky variable for that:

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does it matter WHERE you insert text into rc.xml?

@Imnewhere Not really. I suggest searching for similar key combination and there.
I inserted after jgconky-pipe /keybind. There are 2 level key combinations. Avoid that.


This is the end of keyboard definition and the beginning of mouse defininitions. over line 1030 with me

thanks, this helped tremendously!

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i cant seem to get cbatticon to stay in my panel. It will appear if I type it into terminator but it doesn’t stay. So I need to edit a .config file to get it to stay?

Just add command to Openbox’s autostart script ~/.config/openbox/autostart

Something like that should work:

cbatticon &

For available options and examples, see: GitHub - valr/cbatticon: A lightweight and fast battery icon that sits in your system tray

that worked!
learn something new everyday with this distro.

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